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Moin Moin Konnichi Wa Ahoi Grüezi Talofa Goeiedag Ciao Hello Sain Uu Shalom Jambo Hallo Inda wadou Nǐ Hăo Bonjour Dia duit Hola Salâm Sunchhen Yiá su Moin Moin Salâm Hallo Salve Sanibonani Hello Merhaba Mingalaba Privjet Hello Dzień Dobry Olá Namaste Buon Giorno Annyeong Gia Bonan tagon Barev Salut Shwmae

Welcome to the planetmutlu universe:
Your digital agency for creative communication

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Moin Moin Konnichi Wa Ahoi Grüezi Talofa Goeiedag Ciao Hello Sain Uu Shalom Jambo Hallo Inda wadou Nǐ Hăo Bonjour Dia duit Hola Salâm Sunchhen Yiá su Moin Moin Salâm Hallo Salve Sanibonani Hello Merhaba Mingalaba Privjet Hello Dzień Dobry Olá Namaste Buon Giorno Annyeong Gia Bonan tagon Barev Salut Shwmae

Herzlich Willkommen im planetmutlu-Universum

Glad you landed here!

What awaits you on your orbital trajectory?
We listen, understand problems and tailor solutions that will help you in the long term.

What can we help you with?
From B2B communication to end-customer campaigns, from packaging + marketing to classic print communication, from web design to app development – our suggestion: let’s sit together for a coffee and discuss what exactly we can realize for you.

Our mission? The release of visual happiness hormones.


Strategy & Consulting

How do we accompany our customers during the development process of entrusted projects? Strategically and above all creatively! Understanding problems, capturing wishes, answering questions, communicating openly and never being silent: A holistic understanding is the basis for a fruitful and long-term cooperation – with brain and heart.



From the first brainwave to a concrete and groundbreaking concept for a strong project: We take the freedom to think in all directions – even around one or two corners. During conceptual work, we draw from every facet of creative perspectives because: We are passionate about interdisciplinary work. For us, this means that we are receptive to trends, technologies and visions; we can think further and seize opportunities


Marketing & Design

What do we strive for? The holistic implementation of projects and the realization of impulses – no matter whether expressive corporate design, honest editorial design, image-enhancing photography or unique packaging design. Completed by credible social media marketing and magnetic point-of-sale presentations. Or all at once.

In short: We shape the visual identity of a brand – with the right words, a clear graphic language and authentic staging.


Web development

From a web magazine with a decentralized editorial system for print to a cinema website with turbo ticket purchasing: we develop advanced websites, powerful online stores, individualized content management and CRM systems. Of course, responsively optimized and – wherever possible – modular and sustainably designed.

With database and interface expertise, we also implement delicate topics such as payments, security infra and server structures.

Analoge Kundenprozesse zu digitalisieren und daraus neue Geschäftsfelder zu kreieren, ist eine hoch entwickelte Kernkompetenz von uns.

Mit anderen Worten: Wir lieben Projekte, bei denen die Einzelteile wie Zahnräder gut überlegt ineinandergreifen und die bei Bedarf smart erweitert werden können.



Digitizing analog customer processes and creating new business areas from them is a highly developed core competence of ours.

In other words: We love projects in which the individual parts mesh like cogwheels in a well-considered manner and can be smartly expanded as needed.


Virtual 3D trade fairs

With our virtual 3D trade fair solution, we offer customers and their teams a virtual interface to the classic trade fair in the form of a website or a native app for iOS & Android and thus a contemporary complete solution under the currently difficult conditions. We create the 3D trade fair worlds, including physics and gravity, in the Unity game engine.

More questions about our concepts for the future?


Livestreaming, Video Editing & Social Media

Together with top partners, we enable livestreaming events in HD that can take place anytime, anywhere. Whether program/agenda overview, user and role management, interactivity in the form of chats and polls, individual breakout sessions or the uncomplicated onboarding of participants through our invitation management – everything has been thought of.

You don’t want it to be live? We use existing video material to create dynamic trailers and epic image videos or film authentic footage ourselves for social media and other media.


App development

Uncompromisingly and professionally, we develop cross-platform apps for strengthening B2B sales or as a customer loyalty-enhancing additional service for satisfied end customers. We develop trend-setting native iOS and Android apps, system landscapes for Windows, Linux or macOS as well as cross-platform desktop applications based on Electron.

The core services of our universe?

Auf zu neuen Welten!

planetmutlu wünscht glückliche Feiertage und ein energievolles Jahr 2023!

Jetzt unser Universum entdecken

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Award-winning website solutions!

With our solution, our customer „CINEMA Munich“ received the European award for Europe’s best cinema, with the best technology and especially the best website.

More info

Cinema München
das erste buch copy

What is close to our heart

Since 2002, we have supported the volunteer-run project „Das erste Buch“ with our work as one of the main sponsors. In 2018, we added the largest pilot project to involve chess in Bremen schools, „Schach macht schlau“.

Livestreaming solutions

Welcome to the future! Livestreaming events that can happen anytime, anywhere. We’ll take off together with you!

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IHK Web Magazine

Development of a content management system solution for a sustainable and synergetic editorial merger of print and web magazine. The advantage: the merging of work processes from print and web leads to permanently up-to-date content and a lean way of working in the coordination between editorial staff, graphics and the Chamber of Commerce.

Virtual 3D fairs

Enter the world of virtual trade fairs! Virtual trade fairs and corporate events are breaking new ground today, our concepts for the future are taking hold now.

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gewoba magazin

flyer for plastic & aesthetic surgery 

We have designed an aesthetic and target group-oriented information flyer for display in target group-relevant locations.

Best software solutions for the cinema industry!

From website to app to flyer builder – discover our diverse solutions for your cinema!

More info

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Filmpalast Kassel

The Filmpalast Kassel is one of the most impressive cinemas in Germany. The combination of state-of-the-art technology and a unique interior make for an experience that you won’t soon forget.

What fascinates us

What moves you?
Besides our agency cat Yokai, our heart has always beaten for new technologies, such as DALL-E 2 – an AI that can create images from text descriptions. It’s obvious that we like to pass the time between meetings, creative sprints and deadlines with this fun tool.

You want to get to know us even better?
Take a look at our Portfolio, learn more about Servet & Tevhide under Q&A or drop by for a coffee!

What’s the cat all about?
Our agency cat Yokai not only takes care of the entertainment of our customers, but also of the well-being of our creative minds. Since 2018, he has made planetmutlu the fluffiest advertising agency in Bremen.